Friday, October 08, 2010

Unfortunate end for Outlaws

It seems that Billings/Yellowstone County is unwilling to support a professional sports team beyond the Mustangs. Our fine county commisioners fumbled in their treatment of the Outlaws and now they have folded. I guess commisioners felt it would be better for the Metra to be empty a few more dates after it is repaired. No blasted football, pro basketball or hockey in there please! Maybe they plan on lots of concerts since they are finally doing some acoustic work? I doubt they have good plans going forward.
Billings has enjoyed having the Outlaws. They were always a good team and are league champs. The Mustangs have been mediocre of late, but since my old boss, Jon Dehler, donated $1M toward the sweet new ballpark, the government won't likely be killing that team soon.
We need new blood in the county commision. We need someone with a little vision for our city/county and an ability to plan. I'm too busy for the job. How about you?

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